Before I die I want to...
Go To Japan

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would love to visit Japan. a lot of cool things come out of japan, cars, food, architecture. it is a beautiful place.


Travelling has always been a goal and experience that I have always enjoyed. I've always wanted to visit Asia, specifically Japan. Why? Since a young age I've always had a love for Japanese culture, whether it's the shows, food or music and so much more! I would love to visit the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto. I'm also a child at heart and would love to visit Tokyo Disney.


Experience the culture. It's such a beautiful place.


See and experience all japan has to offer (and buy all the cute japanese clothes).


I want to go to Japan.I want to visit the place that is home to a ton of PokeFans


I heard Japanese people live longer and I want to live longer


My fascination with anime and Japanese culture will take me there one day :)


Their culture is very interesting to me, the way they live and talk, so one day i want to experience living in their culture


go to Tokyo, mount Fuji, himjeji castle,Tokyo Tower,Itsukushima Shrine,Tokyo National Museum,Tokyo Imperial Palace, Aokigahara etc. discover cultures and of course FUCKING ANIME SHIT


It is my dream trip and I want to take beautiful photographs as reference for my growing art hobby


I want this so badly, I want to sample the culture and buy all the cute things.


I want to: -Stroll in a beautiful park -Visit a cat cafe or perhaps the cat island -Eat sushi -Attend a tea ceremony -Attend lantern festival -Shop second hand for ceramics and paintings


My cousin lived there so I want to go there.


It's supah beautiful and so is the Japanese language. Maybe we will meet some ninjas. And weirdos


Both me and Chris love Japan. I would be keen to go to the robot conference.


I love japanese food. Aside from that , I know Japan contains a combination of breathtaking nature and colorful city life


I've always wanted to go because I love the fashion, culture, urban myths, and food! :3


Fulfilling this item in April this year :)


I want to go to Japan to experience a different culture.


I love Japanese culture, it would be pretty sick to go there and check out the architecture and some of the ancient traditions


I first got interested in japan after my cousin showed me the anime Sgt.Frog, I decided to look at it and then became interested. After that, I found the anime Ginga Densetsu Weed, after watching all 26 episodes, I decided to watch Ginga Nagareboshi Gin, all 21 episodes. then my dad showed me the anime Belle and Sebastion. I'm learning currently and would like to know more. the language and the culture


I really just want to visit other places and see the world.


Well, I love my Japanese anime. ;)


I love the culture, the people, the food, everything!


I just like Japan and would like to go there.


Live there for over 3 months MIN


I want to go to Japan to see the cherry blossom festival, and try all kinds of foods.




Must go: -Tokyo -Kyoto -Osaka -Kobe -Fukuoka