Before I die I want to...
Before I Die I Want To Visit All 50 States!!!

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I have been fortunate in my life to have lived about 3 lifetimes packed into one. And because of both a lifelong thrill for traveling and a consulting career that made me a road warrior for a good few years, I have made it to 33 state so far and to over 130 countries. After a recent cancer battle that stopped the career but didnt stop my love for seeing the world and the good people in it, I've made my travel list and domestically there are 17 states that i've not had the pleasure of visiting. My challenge is to find creative ways to get there when the salaried income changed in the blink of an eye to an early social security disability (i hate that term!) income... But where there is a will there is away and thank God for things like that posts newly released fare sales (today there was philadelphia to quito for 373 round trip. best of all, you dont have to "join" as the info is free and this site doesnt sell the tickets so there's no hidden catches). And since i am on the tangent of giving thanks, thanks as well for sites like that matches folks who open their home, spare room, or even travelers coming their local) So with some creativity and the serendipity of finding the right fare when you have the right amounts of pennies scraped together...I am confident i can make it to those other 17 states


I want to know all that my country consists of and has to offer


Sleep at least one night in each state before I die.


Current states I have visited: Missouri, Florida, Colorado, California, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Nevada, Tennessee, Illinois, and Wisconsin.


Because of the job I had to move from Puerto Rico to Boise, Idaho. Due to the lack of money and time my husband and I shipped our car to Jacksonville, Florida and do a roadtrip from there to Boise, Idaho. Because of lack of money we couldn't stop on hotels & important places but either way was fun and a new experience! I want to do it again but this time stop at the state and visit the most iconic thing, try the most authentic food and meet someone who can show us the way.


I want to visit all the 50 states with my Family


a love of travel and seeing what makes our country wonderful!


I want to see the states from coast to coast


I want to see every amazing state so that I may share with friends and family


Figure out (map) the states I've actually been to.


America has a variety of cultures throughout the different regions. I would love to see and experience all of the different cultures.


I love to travel and there is something worth seeing in every state. I want to see it!