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Take A 5 Week Tour Through Haiti And Cuba

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Only one buckaroo has listed 'Take A 5 Week Tour Through Haiti And Cuba' as a life goal.

I have wanted to go to both of these places for a good 15 years. Now is the time to start planning! Originally, they were a couple of many destination possibilities for our honeymoon but the earthquake had just happened in Haiti and that took them off the table for a moment. Instead we did a 5 week tour throught SE Asia, had an amazing time and got got our traveling chops up. It is a couple of years later and the travel itch is starting to make us bonkers! Again, Haiti and Cuba have been destinations of mine for awhile and with a little more experience under our belts, we have begun our trip fund. I have great hopes for this trip! Always having had a bit of an altruist in me, Haiti, even before the earthquake, seemed like a place that I could go to offer support to, just as much as enjoy the beauty. Now, I am developing a bit of a personal mission. I am looking into several volunteer programs. While my husband and I both love children and the arts AND would love to participate in a program that involves both, Haiti still really needs hands to rebuild. So we will see where we land with Haiti's best interests in mind. As for Cuba, it is definitely a destination of art, music, literature, dance, beauty and relaxation!