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Summer Bucket List 2013

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1. Go to Justin Bieber concert with Nikki and Sammy 2. Make 3 music videos/video stars 3. Kiss my crush 3. Have a movie marathon with my best friends 4. Make a dream catcher 5. Have a water balloon fight with guys and girlss 6. Get a picture of a jump shot 7. Go to a Water Park 8. Go to 6 Flags 9. Go to a zoooo 7. Smash a water melon on video 8. Make a bonfire with friends 9. Go to town at midnightt 10. Sleep under the stars 11. Get very very tan 11. Camp out in the backyard 12. Pull an all nighter 13. Take a lot of pictures 14. Pool hoppinnn 15. Go to the town carnival 16. Play in the rain, or kiss in the rain, either one 18. Tie dye a shirt! 19. Leave inspirational notes on cars:) 20. Catch a lightning bug in a jarr 22. Night swim with guys 23. Sneak out at night 24. Go to the beach at night and use sparklers 24. Have a paint fight 26. Throw water balloons filled with paint at a canvas 27. Streaak! 29. Burn all school work in a bonfire 30. Go on a boat at night (or day) and go to an island 31. Photo bomb a random persons photo 32. Go tubing! 34. Play laser tag 35. Put mentos in someone’s coke! 37. Make a “honk if you love summer” sign 38. Break a glow stick into a bottle of bubbles 40. Have my friends come over for a week long sleepover 41. Sleep on a trampoline 42. Watch a movie in the backyard or at my pool 43. Play on a playground at night 44. Go to a drive in movie!! 45. Put a secret in a balloon and let it fly away 46. Take a picture every single day 47. Make rainbow cake 48. Go paint balling 49. Make a wall of summer memories in the last week 50. Get a pet fish or mouse 51. Chalk the whole driveway 52. wear all neon and splatter paint the town with friendss at night 53. Write a letter to myself and open it at the end of summer 54. Jump in a pool/water way fully clothed 55. Get white vans and let people sign them (wear all summer) 56. Make a free hugs shirt and wear all day around town 58. Write to people (pen and pencil HAHAH) 59. Go major summer shopping at urban and brandy 60. Do the Chinese fire drill 61. Go to the zoo with friends 62. Make a summer journal 63. Make best friend shirts (or best bitches) 67. Finish my wreck this journal 68. Go to a midnight premiere moviee 71. Sleep on the beach 72. Walk around town and give people the reject number 73. Go to lake george and a pier with friends 74. Try the e-ciggs 76. Hair chalk color your hair 77. Prank call people- a lottt 81. Hang up posters around town that say “Lost unicorn, if found stop using drugs.” 83. Have a food fight 84. Make galaxy vans 85. Meet Justin Bieber 86. Have a flash mob or be apart of one 87. Get a lot of reblogs on a tumblr picc 89. Have a photo shoot around town with best friends 90. Ride go carts/ go to playland with guys 91. Get/Make snow cones 94. Go to Cape Cod (with friends) 95. Go to another town/city/island 96. Make a super long handshake and perform it in a public place 97. Make a stop motion video 98. Make a time capsule 99. Run through a sprinkler 100. Say “yes” to everything for a day 2. Skinny dipping 9. have a summer romancee. 13. Swim with dolphins 14. Learn how to surf 16. Get a boyfriend 18. Sneak someone into my house/ sneak out 20. Get drunk with friends 23. Shopping in NYC 25. Be on TV 30. Visit Laguna Beach 31. Crave our name in a tree with future boyfriend 35. Pull an all-nighter (24 hours) 39. Go to an older LEGIT party 41. Go backstage at a concert 44. Drink from a coconut 46. Go to a festival 48. Write a message on the wall in a public bathroom 52. Ride on the back of a motorcycle 54. Press every button in an elevator 60. Sleep till noon 61. Have more people like me 62. Make new friends 63. Hangout with younger and older guys 3. Get a summerr job 4. Go bungee jumping! 5. Go sky diving (indoor) 7. Don’t eat junk food for a week. 17. Kiss a guy at the fair. 19. Go ziplining. 21. Go to 5+ bonfires. 25. Go jetskiing. 27. Go horseback riding. 34. Go rock climbing. 36. TP someone. 38. Picture with a random hot guy. 41. Air Mattress Surfing. 44. Be truly happy. 47. Find out who my true friends are. 49. Co-Ed Sleepover. 52. Adopt a pet for a week. 57. Night time beach walk with crush. 58. Go to New York City. 59. Own a nice camera. 64. Spend a whole weekend only with family. summer fling have someone sing to me have rocks thrown at my window sleep on the roof under the stars lemonade stand get a hickey laugh uncontrolably road trip be completely myself (will see at end of summer) hold up a free hugs sign fill a notebook with thoughts kiss a stranger eat dip n dots take cute pictures with a boy make bracelets get a piercing go somewhere far without parents play spin the bottle perfect a dance cuddle in rain never regretting (will see at end of summer) Have A Mall Scavenger Hunt Make A Slip n’ Slide kiss underwater Have A Picnic watch fireworks have a random hook-up without someone caring make someone feel happy intense nerf war do the target random people challenge not get into any fights water crayon tattoos make cake pops be the happiest ive eveerrrr been be young and crazy 64. Have the best summer ever.