Before I die I want to...
Go To A Concert

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  • pinniey I have been to 4. Will do another in September

    July 19, 2015 |

I wanna rock out and jump around like nobody's watching


I have never been to one and I have always wanted to feel and experience the atmosphere of one.


I've always had the dream to go a concert since I am a music lover and love the music of so many singer out there.


sunburn maybe.. and dance all night


A Jason Aldean and Gretchen Wilson Concert and meet them personally


Find an awesome concert to go to in Charlotte


I absolutely love music and have always envied those who could afford to go to concerts whenever. I want to feel the excitement and joy that comes from live performances.


-Macklemore -My Brightest Diamonds -Civil Wars -Dolly Parton


I. LOVE. MUSIC...and yet, I've not been to an official concert or festival!!!


I've only been to one concert before, so why not try to go to another before I kick the bucket


i'm 26 and i have never been to a concert before.