Before I die I want to...
Visit The Seven Wonders Of The World

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93 buckaroos have listed 'Visit The Seven Wonders Of The World' as one of their life goals:

Visit the seven wonders of the world


See the greatest works of the world in person; experience enlightenment by their greatness.


I've Always wanted to see all the seven world wonders.


Visit all Seven Wonders of the World: Petra, Taj Majal, The Colosseum, Chitchen Itza, The Great Wall of China, Machu Picchu, Christ the Redeemer Statue.


I love history and travel, and it has always been a dream of mine to visit the seven wonders of the world.


1-Christ Redeemer ( Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) 2-Great Wall of China ( China) 3-Machu Picchu ( Peru) 4-Petra ( Jordan) 5-Chichen Itza ( Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico) 6-Colosseum * done* 7-Taj Mahal ( agra, india) *done*


Grand Canyon The Great Barrier Reef The Harbor at Rio de Janeiro Mt. Everest Northern Lights Paricutin Volcano Victoria Falls new Chichen Itza, Mexico - Mayan City Christ Redeemer, Brazil - Large Statue The Great Wall, China Machu Picchu, Peru Petra, Jordan - Ancient City The Roman Colosseum, Italy The Taj Mahal, India


I love to travel...the Seven wonders are a must.


The Seven Wonders of the World are some of the most coveted tourist spots, who would not want to go there??