Before I die I want to...
Before I Die I Want To...

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Go to England and visit my Family there


Go to Disney Land & Harry Potter world yeah, yeah im a total child/nerd. Can't beat harry potter. Nuff said. Honestly? I'm a big scaredy cat and I'm not ashamed of it, but I want to overcome that fear. I'm Currently 18 and the biggest theme park ive ever been to is Blackpool and im not gonna lie, I was terrified the entire time, but you know something? I did it, I went on everything. (ok I lie, I refused to go on the revolution but one day, i promise)


Travel the World Its amazing really how all these people just, breath, eat, sleep and work but we all see different things everyday. I want to see Paris, see the Eiffel Tower, Go to L.A and New York and ride in a yellow taxi, go to Germany and eat a Frankfurt.


Go to Tomorrowland Every year I see it on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and spend hours listening the replay of the bands on the mainstage. I did my leaving certificate mocks on Tomorrowland. 'Yesterday is history, today is a gift, tomorrow is mystery' I mean C'mon how great alone is that quote? I've never camped in my life, and it will more than likely be the first time I will. But the whole vibe of Tomorrowland would just be surreal on its own. How creative they are, the whole place is just breathtaking. I want to be one of them girls on the yearly video shouting 'We love you Tomorrowland'.


Do things i want to that i have not ever done before!!! Go places, see things, learn about other places before i die!!


I want to learn to do motocross


I want to personally meet One Direction


I would like to become Bilingual. I would like to be able to speak to my co-worker and her family in Spanish and travel to Mexico and be able to communicate well.


Go To A Los Angeles Lakers Game


Go to the museum in China and have a panda sit on my lap like Ellen.