Before I die I want to...
Start My Own Business

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218 buckaroos have listed 'Start My Own Business' as one of their life goals:

I would like to do this. Jeff Bezos inspired me.


start my own food buisness, in healthy food


Start a profitable business and expand it.


I want to start a business that can be both for my husband and me as a project of sorts.


Having my own way of profit would be nice.. i can help my family out with financial situation since i just want the best for everyone. also fuck working for other with people


I want to make my own restaurant of sorts


I'm chasing financial freedom and the American dream so I'm working on building up my own small business!


I want to work intensively with food, and I want to cater for my own wedding


I have an idea to sell my art works to people at the streets or social events. Someone told me today that they were willing to one of my paintings and I was super glad but I couldn't because I loved it too much but this just proves that I can actually make some money off of painting


I've always wanted to improve the world. I hope to be able to help the world with my own company. The company has to make a positive impact and be sustainable


I want to own a clothing business for kids to create and sell their creations. On the other side of the business, I want to start my own clothing line and sell my creations to support me & my business.


My aim with that to prove to myself if i believe myself and do it, it all works out. Between you and your dreams is only courage!


I want to graduate from college and open my own I.D business.


I want to start my own business (fitness, crafting, etc)


Have my own chains of lounges and bars


Help those in need! Do medical research. Cure rare diseases


I want to take a risk and start my own business


I would love to have the freedom, flexibility, and self esteem building that owning your own business can achieve.


would like to start my own business or be a store manager of a sales enviroment.


A party place where themed parties would be held


Want to work for myself and make something of it


Whether its clothing for women or babies...I love fashion...!!!!


I have also wanted to have my own business with Ti. I know we could do something fantastic together.


I want to be able to work for myself and make my own hours!