Before I die I want to...
Go Zip-Lining

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1954 buckaroos have listed 'Go Zip-Lining' as one of their life goals:

Zip-lining in Costa Rica made me free as a bird!


I have done this in the Jamaican Rainforest, in Colorado and in Bootleg Canyon, Nevada and also the Slotzilla in Downtown Las Vegas on Freemont street right after we got our marriage license.


I did this when I was younger when I visited Germany with my mom and sister. We visited her AFS family from when she was younger. I went zip-lining here.


To go zip lining in one of the longest zip line in south asia in cherat, kpk..


I know there's a good Zip-Line park in Armenia so it would be fun!


If I can ever get up the courage!


I want to go zip-lining in South America with my partner! It looks like so much fun and I hope it helps me conquer my fear of heights.


Go Zip Lining through someplace beautiful


I would like to face my fears of heights and just let go!


it would be such an adrenaline rush. I have always wanted to zip line.


hopefully not the last thing i do before i die


There were zip lines in video games and they always felt fun.


Something I always wanted to do


Its a thrill ride I dont need to jump off


Enjoy ziplining in the Philippines


I think it would be exhilarating and defineately want to have a go


I'm not very adventurous but it seems like something I could actually do.


It's sooo Beatiful and fun.. I hope


never done it, but would love to experience the thrill of zip lining through a forest or something of that sort


great place nearby that will guarantee an unforgettable experience.


Would love to do this somewhere in the jungle. I have technically done this in when I was little but I don't really count my one time 5 second trip a few feet off the ground!


I'm terrified of heights. Therefore, I've decided I'm going to do something that terrifies me to (attempt to) overcome my fear of heights, or at the very least, face my fear. Well, just as soon as I lose weight and get fit. Which I'm working on and I'm doing pretty good.


Completed with Andrew, Mon and Kevin Summer 2014


a video of people going down the longest zipline in the world


Visit to Mall of America in Sept 2014


I really want to try this. I'm so afraid of heights, but would try this at least once.


Something to do Before I get to old to hold on for my dear life.


I think ziplining anywhere would be cool, but the jungle seems like a good idea


Saw them their first year in Carolina


yes when i saw this it captured my eye id really like to to it


I've always been afraid of hights and now I want to overcome my fear.


Idk i just thought that zip lining would be adventurous and most of the things on my bucket list are adventurous


I love to fly and be up in the air


In school I watched a short movie on zip lining and I've dreamed about doing it ever since


Go Zip lining again. The first time was a rush, and I want more!


I've had a go on low, short zip-wires, but my Mum and Dad zip-wired through the rainforest canopy in Costa Rica and I'd love to do something similar!


Something crazy and fun that I would never do for myself.


I have a fear of heights. Zip lining would be an awesome way to overcome that fear.


It looks like a safe way to fly and once you've committed... well, there's no turning back.


But it has to be done a certain way. I want it to be over water, not land; and I would want to weigh less than I do now because I don't want to have to worry about the line breaking and that is exactly what would stop me.


looks like so much fun, have to try it!


The rest of my family went, when I wasn't able to..


I went zip lining in Maui and it was scary but awesome!


I DEFINITELY want to do this. Multiple times hopefully. Maybe once in Hawaii once in the Caribbean. We can do it everywhere we go if they have a zipline!


I've always wanted to go on a zip line through the Amazon, it sounds sooooo fun.


I heard that it's so much fun. Just been too busy to experience it first-hand.


My dad and brother have been but I never have. I need the adventure!


I've zip lined... but I want to zip line in a forest.


I did this when on holiday in Chaing Mai, Thailand with my family. It was such an amazing experience.