Before I die I want to...
Learn To Play The Guitar

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I love singing so learning to play guitar will help me to really enjoy what i sing.I think it will improve my charecter a lot.


i want to learn to play guitar and write a song and perform it at a bar.


One of my passions is music and i have always wanted to learn many instruments.


Ive always hankered to be able to play an instrument and Piano and Guitar are top of the list. Ive had guitars for 40 years so I should make the effort to play them soon.


Finally learn to play the guitar properly


Playing as a kid i used to love it and now i want to get back in to it.


Take lessons, practice daily, do whatever I need to do to make music!


Love that sound wish I could play it


I really love the sound of the Guitar, And learning how to play the guitar has always been a dream of mine.


starting a class now for this dream


boyhood dream of becoming a Rock god


I have purchased a guitar and even started lessons. Now I need to refocus myself on this bucket list item.


My dad, sister, brother, and uncle all play.


Learn to play Alex Care - Too Close


I've been taking lessons but I'm terrible at it.


I want to be that girl that knows how to play the ukelele


would love to learn to play a guitar something i wanted to do for years


I want to be able to play fairly well on the guitar. My boyfriend bought me a Squire with Fender strings. Now I need to learn and practice. Ball's in my court.


Music is a big part of my life, I love guitar music and i'd like to create my own music :)


Music has always soothed my savage beast so to speak. But what really ignited my passion was the movie "Once". A very popular Indie film about a Busker who falls in with a young Czech girl, and a guitar. The moment I sensed this film I was hooked. I bought a guitar soon after, but unfortunately I don't have the time or resources to learn. Some day ... a girl can dream.


I really love music that's why I want to learn to play at least one musical instrument.


I have always wanted to play an instrument and had some success with the clarinet but the guitar is just so much...cooler! Also I think that if at this age I could learn to play an instrument would show that I can triumph over my procrastintory ways.