Before I die I want to...
Ride An Elephant

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1860 buckaroos have listed 'Ride An Elephant' as one of their life goals:

my parents used to take me to barnum and bailey and i did it there a few times and watched the circus. it was some of my happiest childhood memories, but I didn't realize when I was a kid how the elephants should be free in their native environment


I'd like to do this. I've ridden a horse twice but never an elephant. I feel like this is one of those cool things that the rich do with their kids but that I never got to do growing up.


I rode one in a circus. I am open to riding one again in a more natural setting!


Just to say that I did and could do something so amazing and fun.


I just think it would be really cool.


To see and interact with an elephant.


I wish to ride an elephant that is cared for on an animal friendly farm


Ride on an elephant because it's something unique and not a a lot of people have done it before.


I want to do something exciting before I die I want to leave a legacy or my mark on the world because I am a former cancer patient and almost died without having to do anything exciting in my life I want to give hope to other cancer patients that there is always hope and it may not seem that way at the time but there is always hope


Be humbled by one of god's creatures.


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This would be a great adventure


i wish i could ride an elephant with my lover or a best mate


Elephants are great! Rode an elephant bareback in Thailand. First did research so I could go to an elephant farm where they treat


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because in England we don't have elephants only at zoos and you cant even get up close to them so it would be a once in a lifetime opportunity.


My daughter Ellie. An elephant never forgets.


I've always loved elephants, and to ride one would be amazing.


Who wouldn't? They're gorgeous creatures.


I want to experience riding an elephant through a rainforest!


Because i just love elephants and how much fun would it be?!


I have never done it and it would be amazing to try.


Elephants are majestic creatures and I would love to ride one!


Elephants are my favorite animals and I've always wanted to ride one and be adventurous.


Ride trough the jungle on the back of an elephant, one of the most majestic animals. Who doesn't want that?


I love exotic animals and cannot imagine a more majestic one and would love to get up close and connect with an elephant.


Who doesn't want to ride an elephant. I've done it at a carnival, but never in an open area.


Riding an elephant is not common. I like the idea of stepping out of the box.




Who wouldnt wanna ride an elephant???


I will do this once I visit Thailand :D


I would want to ride an elephant in it's most natural but domesticated setting (such as Asia) where they are used similarly to horses in America.


Ride an elephant in any country but the US.


I've done this too!! Peter hasn't so we'll have to do it again. Its pretty fun. :]


cool place to ride elephant in the jungle


I want to ride an elephant in India or Thailand. I don't know why, but ever since I saw the 90's version of the live action Jungle Book (you know the one with asian Mowgli?), I've wanted to do it.


Why would you not want to?! they are amazing animals


Riding an elephant in Asia that is part of a sanctuary


shucks. should've done this in BKK>>


India & Nepal 1993 & Thailand 2009


Thailand 2010. Trekking through the jungle near Chiang Mai after staying in a Palong home-stay!