Before I die I want to...
I Want To Skydive

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88 buckaroos have listed 'I Want To Skydive' as one of their life goals:

Skydive and see the view from the top


I wanna to skydive one of extreme sport inspired by brave people and birds


Not think, just jump and hope for the best.


Just want to try extreme activities not too many people can do. Just wanna take on the challenge and is curious if I can in fact do such thing.


Would be an awesome, once in a lifetime experience


I have always been an adrenaline seeker and I strangely love the thought of jumping out of a plane. I think it would be an unforgettable and amazing feeling that not many people in the world will get to experience. I also want to experience this with my dada and hope to do this on his 45th Birthday when I am 18 years old.


No inspiration, just want to hurtle towards the earth, and look like I'm not falling at all.


I used to be very scared of heights, and I have slowly started overcoming that fear. I also have an inability to let go. I feel that if I combine these two fears it equals skydiving :) Plus, how bad ass?