Before I die I want to...
Get A Dog

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512 buckaroos have listed 'Get A Dog' as one of their life goals:

"The world would be a better place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog."


I would like to own a Pit Bull.


I want to get a Japanese dog, or a bad dog


I want to take my relationship to the next level and get a dog to add to the family.


I want a companion. So whay not have a dog?


I want to have a friend for life who always waits for me to come back home and wants to spent time with me.


get a dog. gen 2 golden doodle


I've never had a dog and love animals and just would love to have a dog


Always wanted a dog. When Chemmie has gone and Rhys is older, we need to have a dog.


I want a dog of my own:) I love my family dog but I want my own best friend


Well,As a kid i did get a dog and took care of it until it passed away.I like the experience of unconditional love from dogs.


Dogs are such wonderful friends. I want to have a yard and be in a relationship and then get a dog.


A big fluffy one!!! (or a Dalmatian)


I have always loved dogs and I would love to give one a good home.


Being happy with a little companion


i love dogs, they love me. my mum doesnt. so when i move out, this is pretty high on the list! and will determine where i move to as well.


My life isn't complete without one.


Lassie, Marley and Me, and plus it will make me exercise...I hope!!


Perhaps an English Bulldog I can name Leroy...


It's a huge responsibility I hope I'll be ready for someday.


I love animals. I have two cats and want a puppy. I would love to have a mini doodle.


puppy ♥ preferably a husky & pomeranian