Before I die I want to...
Find True Love

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84 buckaroos have listed 'Find True Love' as one of their life goals:

I have been alone for a long time so...


true love is something u need your whole life. Mother is an exception


Commitment is beautiful. When you meet somebody with similar likes, tastes and interests life becomes even more meaningful.


No matter when, even if it's after college, and if it's a female or male, if he/she makes me happy and makes me feel warm inside, they're the one. Still waiting for my special her/him! :3 I know they're out there somewhere and i'm not going to give up.


I have been a hopeless romantic the minute I read my first romance novel. By far and away, my favourite romance story; Romeo and Juliet!


I want to find true love this year


I mean the type that makes you feel warm inside. Doted on. Adored. Ahhh. I love that type of love.


I want someone to always be with me forever.


Find a guy that just gets me and everything feels right between us