Before I die I want to...
Go On A Road Trip Across The Usa

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591 buckaroos have listed 'Go On A Road Trip Across The Usa' as one of their life goals:

Probably east coast to west coast? I'll make some sub goals for it later!


Eat and see the best places in the country.


Go on a road trip with friends.


Travel Arizona in van, while programming.


The most amazing thing to do would be to go on a road trip across the Usa ; I thought about it for the first time a few years ago when I was just sixteen I guess. Everyone would like to do this at this time. Now, I know I really want to to do it but first I need my driver license. What inspired me? Music and photographers. They show the world from a point of view that we are not used to and they make it so incredible and big.


I want to experience all different kinds of culture in America


Go on a road trip with friends across the different states.


I've only been to three or four states,luckily because friends are cool. Hopefully I will be able to get my son to like things like Comic-Con,or climbing mountains,snowboarding,etc.


did road trip with my best buddies and it was awesome Now feel like i should travel alone and spend quality time on clicking pictures,getting to know the places i travel


I love traveling and there is so many places in the USA alone that I would love to see.


Visit every National Park and all the major attractions in each city.


Road trips are better than flights.


I love where I live, but I want to be able to see everything this great country has to offer!


Time away from worries and explore this great country.


All musicians who are from the States make me wanna go there so bad!


I'd love to spend a few weeks driving from the West Coast to the East, stopping here and there to see roadside attractions or try local delicacies.


This would be awesome just me some clothes and a whole bunch of cash and a hot car. Ohhh some great friends would be awesome too


I've never been to the USA before but there is so many places I want to to see!


This would be awesome, but on a hog or in a camper?


I would love to go across the USA with just a few close friends.


Looks like great fun in the movies!


I want to road trip all across the USA and stop at all those crazy tourist attractions and really see the country first-hand.