Before I die I want to...
Experience Zero Gravity

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When I was a kid, I liked watching movies about spaceships. It is the dream of many people who want to travel to space or at least experience a zero-gravity room at least once.


stomach contents floatin about and such... would love 2 try though depending on prices and location...


This would most likely be at an indoor place that specializes in zero gravity and not by going to space. Either way, I want to know what it feels like to be weightless.


I want to bring people along on my adventure to do things everyone dreams of doing.


An experience in Zero Gravity. What its like to see water float and what if there's a fish inside it. Do a cartwheel and other things Zero gravity testings.


have been in a wheelchair for several years and would love to feel like i dont have the weight of the world on me that i can be weightless and feel almost normal for a min


I could have a good time for about an hour with a cup of water.


Always was a dream of mine to be an astronaut and be in space. Would love to at least feel weightless.


I chose to include this because I have always been curious to how it feels when there is no gravity.


It would be amazing to see how it feels, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity.


i want to see how it would be with no gravity and be able to kinda fly


just to be somewhere with no gravity would be amazing.


When I was in primary school I wanted to be an astronaut :)


Who wants to blow $5,000?


Doesn't necessarily mean jumping out of a plane. I want to feel weightless


Go to America to do so on a ZeroG Plane (after seeing Prof. Brian Cox on 'Wonders of the Universe')


should be good (if i dont throw up!!)