Before I die I want to...
Be Brave Enough To Skydive

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343 buckaroos have listed 'Be Brave Enough To Skydive' as one of their life goals:

I'm afraid of heights. It seems pretty scary, but I know I'll enjoy the thrill of it.


I am an extreme type of person in a way that i want to conquer fear and challenges. I am scared of heights but also, i like conquering my fear of heights.


I want to conquer my fear of heights and do something crazy; like jump out of a plane! I've got my jump planned for my 30th Birthday in September :)


5 jumps Skydive and get license


im scared of hights i wanna face my fears !!!


It's time to live and to do the things that scare you. God puts life's best experiences on the other side of fear.


The thrill and curiosity of observing the world, while being completely airborne from a thousand feet high!


Terrified of falling, would love to conquer this one some time


High on my to do list. Scary but fierce! Let's go


I am feircely scared of heights so it's this or a Bungee Dive and that's never going to happen!!


since I have MS I would like to be able to have the bravery to jump from heights and land on my own two legs..even it it's with a tandem jumper.


Adrenalin junkie. I was a huge tomboy growing up and that was something I have always wanted to do.


I've always had a fear of planes, ever since 9/11, I've feared flying. I feel like the best way to get over your fears is to face them. I heard in a movie once that sometimes the things that scare you, turn out to be the most worth while.


This is just for fun....try something really wild!!!


Always do what you are afraid to do.


I have always been afraid of heights and I really want to do this


This one will be hard for me to try and do


i really want to skydive but i am terrified of heights but i think it would be a wonderful experience just to see all of God's creation.


It looks so much fun an a really different thing to do!


Watching The Bucket List with Morgan Freeman


I want to brave enough to do it as well.....


Yes, its sort of cliche, but I've never done any extreme stuff and I just wanna try once.


Jump out of a perfectly good airplane lol


i have a fear of heights so it would basically be about overcoming that fear


I've just always wanted to conquer my fear and jump out a plane.


HeHe Um Louis Tomlinson! and Mariah White


be brave enough to skydive, well when mom lets me


To fulfill my love for living dangerously!


The view would be so amazing! The adrenaline rush would just be magnificent!! :D


I want to conquer my fear of heights and skydive.


I like to do foolish things. I enjoy the feeling of free-falling.


I need to grow a pair and do it....Balls to wall.


Might as well do one extreme thing in my life!


I went bungee jumping with my husband and it scared the begezes out of me. I want to do the next step!


im scared of heights, so i wanna conquer my fear :$


Facing my fear of heights from 12,000 ft


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