Before I die I want to...
Get A Tattoo

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248 buckaroos have listed ' Get A Tattoo' as one of their life goals:

I want to get a tattoo because it's art that has meaning to you. Also the fact that it is permanently on you so you will never forget. Plus some of my relatives have tattoos.


I think tattoos are cool and before I die I want to get one, even if it's small


got a tattoo of my kids names on my back


get a meaningful tattoo for my dad


The need to be a palette to a tattoo artists brush


Super funky ones that mean something to me but also look pretty bitchin'.


in honor of my eating disorder recovery


I want to get a highly-stylized silhouette of an eagle soaring overhead tattooed across my chest to symbolize freedom and rising above.


I want to get a tattoo, but I don't want to take it lightly. It needs to be something meaningful that I won't regret later. Also, I want it to be something amazing and just cool to look at. Ideally, at Cheap TRX in St. Louis.


I want to pay tribute to my Grandfather. Its my only body that will be cremated when I die so why not put meaningful things on it for me to enjoy while I have it.


My parents hate them. I love them. I see them as reminders for my everyday life.


I know I won't settle for just one


I want the aboriginal symbol for "family" on my back.


Everyone has beauty but not everyone can see it.


i really want atleast two of them....


I actually have several tattoo designs drawn up, but lets just start with the one tattoo first


Something that is actually meanful


I want to get the tree of life with my grandma & my name in it.


Seeing Jennifer Aniston as "Rachel" on Friends get a heart tattoo on her hip


No Backing our Miss Rodriguez!!


Get a tattoo with a story behind it