Before I die I want to...
See The Great Wall Of China

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1223 buckaroos have listed 'See The Great Wall Of China' as one of their life goals:

I want to see the great wall of China


China is beautiful. I want to see the county


i wont to see the great wall of china


I have always wanted too see it


It just looks cool and I want to go there.


My lifelong dream is to travel the world.


Walk a stretch of the Great Wall of China


Visit a historical Chinese landmark


visit all the wonders of world !


An amazing structure defiantly the thing to see if I am ever to find myself in or near china!


I have always wanted to travel and go back in history where the Great Wall of China was important.


I hear its awesome to see so I would love to see it.


Beijing, Great Wall, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Xian (terracotta army).


Walk along the Great Wall of China


It is part of the seven wonders that I plan to see.. It is the only structure that can be seen from out of space.. How can I miss a chance of seing it? :)


This will be amazing to see everyone has to see the Great Wall in their lifetime has to be done


and go there, walk it , the slide sounds awesome if its there! lol can be seen from space! its the great wall!


Did you know you can see the Great Wall of China from the moon?


Just saw the models in America's Next Top Model go there and now I want to climb to the top! I also heard that there is a slide to go down so I also want to do that!


What a wonder of the world to see.


One of those landmarks that everyone wants to experience in their lives.


Only man made structure visible from space ... need I say more? Maybe seeing the Great Wall could be combined with my "Run a Marathon" goal ie. Great Wall Marathon ;)