Before I die I want to...
Visit London

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London is where Harry Potter, JK Rowling, Emma Watson, Harry Potter World, Adele, and every amazing British people are.


Siempre me parecio enigmatica y opulente ciudad.. sin duda es increible... ;)


I just love love love the british accent <3


Thought I wanted to go to Paris, but London I really want to see since a lot of music came out of there.


I want to visit London & see absolutely everything. I don't want to rush through a moment of it.


Went to London to see the Queen but I got distracted by everything else from British fish & chips to Cambridge Town to the Speakers' Corner at Hyde Park. And musicals! I have another London trip to make.


Ideally I would like to study for a semester at the University of Arts. If not I at least want to visit the city. Maybe I'll be able to do both.


Double-Decker buses? The "Eye"? London Bridge? Red telephone booths? We're SOOO there!