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I Want To Travel The World

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i wanna travel the world so i can see the other beautiful parts of the world.


There is a whole world out there I haven't been allowed to see, and I want to see as much of it as I can! I want to learn of other cultures, languages, and so much more that is available out there!


World is full of surprises and I wanna get surprised.


"I haven't been everywhere, but it is on my list."


- I want to travel and learn around Vietnam from time to time, from age 28 to end. - I want to travel and learn around South East Asia during age period of 29 - 32. - I want to travel and learn to the country I get full scholarship. - I want to travel to Japan after getting married. - I want to travel to India, Bhutan and Libetan after having 6 year old child. - I want to travel around Europe with my family when I am stable and free of Job duties. - I want to travel to somewhere when I want to visit and learn from the places.


At my age its not only out of sense of adventure but whether I can physically complete it.


I believe the world we live in is so beautiful and it is time I see it for myself.


See everything go new places and meet new people and try new cultures.


I want to fill my passports. I have always been so terrified of traveling but after going to Europe I have definitely caught the bug


I really want to travel this beautiful planet and explore amazing places because it is destroyed by humans. I am happy to sacrifice having children and getting married so my life partner and I can enjoy finding ways to help the world heal from the destruction we have caused, exploring and helping along the way!


Ever since I was a little kid, I dreamed of escaping what I saw as my small slice of the world and head off to glory and adventure visiting exotic ports of call all around the world. luckily, by the time I graduated high school I had a number of trips to Europe under my belt with a study abroad in Spain my sophomore year that cemented my love of learning languages and seeing the world through other cultures. this craving continued through my undergraduate years with a chance to study in my mother's home country, Croatia, giving my language resume a good boost bringing me up to 3. g To cap a successful finish of my B.A., I left the US for the UK to pursue a Master's degree in international law and to pick up another language, French. with a wonderful education behind me (THX MOM AND DAD!), it was time for glory and adventure and all those exotic ports of call. First was a move to Singapore "a FINE city" ($500.00 dollar fines for doing anything from chewing gum to jay walking) lol for a truely fun 4 years...seeing much of southeast asia in the process. The transfer to Toronto took me on a plane flight that left singapore in 104 degree weather and land 2 days later in Canada with snow and a temp around 4 degrees.ouch! But O CANADA, what a beautiful country


spent the last 20 years being a mum and never go to do the whole adventure thing.


I want to experience a different type of life, I want to see different cultures, try different things but most of all I want to have fun!


travel is the only thing i'll buy that will make me richer! the world is a book and those who not travel only read one page.


all these actors or people on t.v. that travel it seems exciting and I get to know find new things in the world


I wanna travel, over and over and over again!


I want to travel the world with a mate in a combi. I have always wanted to do this


I love culture, and the world is absolutely different and beautiful in so many ways!


I want to see what's out there for myself. I don't want to be in this one place forever.


One of my aunts went around the world three times.