Before I die I want to...
Visit Every Continent

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1568 buckaroos have listed 'Visit Every Continent' as one of their life goals:

I want to open my mind and see this amazing world and people in it


I only have Asia and Antarctica left!


Before I die I want to attempt to see all the continents, and really see what all there is to see and learn beyond the United States.


I have always been interested in learning about different cultures, languages, lifestyles, and people. I want to gain more knowledge on new cities and to be outside my comfort zone.


Each continent is unique from the other (much likes states and countries). I've been to Europe and I live in North America, which leaves South American, Asia, Africa, Australia, and Antarctica. I'd love to check those places out and feel the climate, and learn the culture.


"Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind and fills your life with stories to tell." I want to travel as much as possible, and I'm getting there. I've been in Europe, Africa, Asia and North-America.


I want to see the world, If I can at least go to each continent I will have seen God's works in each part of the world.


I want to complete 1 backpacking trip on each continent before my 27th birthday. 1 continent per year.


I want to visit every continent.


I want to visit all continents: North America South America Europe Asia Africa Antarctica Australia


I love to travel, and so far I've been to Europe and Asia. I'm planning to go to Oceania next year, and have an idea of countries I want to visit on the other continents!


1.Asia- Done 2.North America-Done 3.South America-Done 4.Africa-Done 5.Europe-Done 6.Australia 7.Antarctica


I wish I could visit every corner of the planet, but being realistic that's very unlikely to be accomplished. So, visiting at least one country in every continent seems like something that can be done.


I have traveled around Europe, I have visited Russia and south east Asia. I would like to visit each continent at least once


This is my life dream.. To see the planet before I leave


Life has made me travel alot more than being confined to one place. So it's natural to have a wish to visit all continent


Reason: Experience different cultures


My lifelong dream is to travel the world.


Visit all seven continents. - Europe - Asia - Australasia - Antarctica - Africa - North America - South America


I want to see what the rest of the earth looks like. I love what I've seen so far! :)


I want to travel to every continent.


I like to travel and have the means to do so!


5 out of 7 down.....2 to go. South America & Antarctica here I come!!!!


visit all the different cultures in the world and see the world that we all live in.


I already was in Asia, North America and Europe


1.Asia- Done 2.North America-Done 3.South America 4.Africa 5.Europe 6.Australia 7.Antarctica


I love different cultures and want to visit them and experience them


I've visited Europe and Africa so far but still have five to go.


Africa, Antarctica, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, North America, South America


I love experiencing different cultures, learning from them, and understanding the beauty in difference.


Hope this happens culture is everything


I want to travel the worls, visit at least once every continent


North America and Africa down (and Europe if 7 hours in London Airport counts), a few more to go!


Travel the world. If this was a fantasy world I'd do it in a blimp, steampunk style.


Love of travelling, new experiences and cultures


I must do this! I have already done a few, but not enough! just need money!


So many cultures, so many climates. So much to explore.


The 'Where is Matt?' guy on YouTube made me want to do this. Would love to do what he does :)


Antarctica's going to be a tough one....


“Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” 6 continents ameriques etant 2


Done europe, north america, africa, and asia. Need to visit South America, Antartica and Oceana/Australasia that said I've only seen a tiny bit of each those continents!


North America * South America Europe * Africa * Asia Australia Antarctica


I want to experience different walks of life, see the beauty of the world and I definately love taking pictures..


With the possible exception of Antarctica


This is just something I want to be able to tell my Grandchildren I've done. :)


I want to set foot on every continent in the world.


You'll only ever live on one planet, you might as well explore it.


North America- Completed (USA, Canada, Costa Rica, Caribbean Islands) South America- Completed (Venezuela, Argentina in June 2012) Europe- Completed (UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy) Africa- Completed (Uganda) Asia Oceania