Before I die I want to...
Lose Weight And Become Healthier.

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96 buckaroos have listed 'Lose Weight And Become Healthier.' as one of their life goals:

I have been overweight all my life, and well. I wanna change that. I want a healthier lifestyle. A healthier schedule. And just... better care for myself. I suppose I got older, and thinking about those I love. I wanna be alive and healthy to be there to see them grow older. To be able to join in the fun and not hold them back with any sickness or my physical state. For myself. I just wanna find back my confidence to do stuff again. Gosh. I wanna live.


Be the healthiest version of myself I can achieve.


I lost 30 pounds last year but the goal was 20. So I hope to lose that 20 this year


In nursing school I gained 40+ pounds. I want to get back to a healthy weight and also become more active. I want to love my body again.


I want to be a healthier me and be able to walk and do more stuff without any pain in my back and knees


ده تا بیست کیلو از وزنم باید کم کنم


I'm unfit and overweight. This really needs to change and I need all the help I can get.


Within my "adult" life, my lowest weight was at 140. Although that was an amazing weight for a 5'8 woman, I didn't feel healthy. I was going through depression and the way it was achieved was not ideal. I want to get myself more fit in a healthier way than today!


I want to lose at least 25 kg, love more myself and take care of my body and mind.


I'd like to be 180lbs by the end of this year (or at least closer to it). It's doable, I did get down to 196lbs a few years ago, but it's slipped big time!


something i have been fighting with for YEARS.


I just want to be more confident in myself.


I want to lose 44 lbs this year and see my triglycerides go down 44 points....or more.


i want to be healthy and fit into a nice comfy pair of jeans