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Lose Weight

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I lost 20KG in 2014-15 and i would like to do the same again. If i can get to 85KG by the end of the year, that would be perfect. It's a bit difficult as I live with my mum currently. my plan is to meal prep and log, which is what i did before.


Lose weight to have a health life.


Trying to live healthier for the future life! So much to do in life and I can't be sick because I gain fats!


Want to lose weight. Major marker would be to reach 75kg. Then from there just keep going.


I want to lose weight. I will start working on that from now. 1. I need to start exercising everyday. 2. Watching what I eat. 3. Changing my medication.


Gaining 30 pounds in the last 2 years due to stress and work.


I want to feel better both on the inside and on the outside :) My aim is to be fitter for Uni!


I want to wear smaller clothing items, like a 30 size in Pants and a M for shirts. I'm a 260 pounds right now and want to get to 220 pounds by the end of the year.


I currently weigh 55kgs and my BMI is good but I want to feel better about body when I look in the mirror :)


I've had weight issues my whole life and want to conquer it for good!


I have been overweight my whole life. Currently, I am 320ish pounds. Everything (besides my weight) is good in my life; I have a career, a beautiful healthy daughter and a husband as good as they come. Recently, my guardian angel (my one and only sister) asked me if I wanted to work out. Hesitantly, I said yes. To make a long story short, her and I have been working out ever since June 12 and I have lost some weight and many inches off waist, arms, legs and even my neck :)


It is evident I need to do this. Not only for my health but for myself. I need to get over my insecurities, and start life over as a new me..


Lose some weight - Target weight 14 stone 0 pounds