Before I die I want to...
Go To Ireland

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316 buckaroos have listed 'Go To Ireland' as one of their life goals:

Ryan wants to visit his family in Ireland.


i would just love to see all of the old world sites there, maybe stay in a cottage overlooking the cliffs of Moher, and visit the Giants Causeway.


Travel see the castles and the cliff's.


I love Ireland, the history, the scenery, everything. I want to explore the world but go to the most beautiful places in the world first


My Boyfriend wants to see this as part of his list and would be a great addition to mine


Go see the castles and site see


I want to meet Alan's family, but aside from that I think Ireland would be a lovely place to visit.


Its soo green!! And the irish dance is amazing!!!


- Travel the round road in ireland -visit dublin - drink a beer at a pub


I would love to explore the ancient castles and geography of the country.


Ever since I watched he movie p.s. I love you I've wanted to go to Ireland!


I want to visit as many country's and continents as possible.


I have finally been to Ireland and I loved it!


I love Ireland because my grandfather (Who passed away) had family from there and because I just love the accent. I also want to go because my favorite YouTuber who inspired me, BriBry, lives there <3


I want to see where my ancestors came from.


Drink Guiness. Catch a massive pike. Catch some live music too...


I've loved everything about Ireland for as long as I can remember: the food, the people, the music. I'm also of Irish descent, so I want to get back to my roots and do some research on the many famous legends and characters from the history of Ireland.


I have always had a love for the country. It reminds me of home which sparked an interest. I love the culture and music.


I am of Irish/Scottish descent so, of course, I want to travel to the homelands.