Before I die I want to...
Go To The Airport And Take The Next Random Flight Somewhere.

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1136 buckaroos have listed 'Go To The Airport And Take The Next Random Flight Somewhere.' as one of their life goals:

I think unexpected adventures its interesting


The trill of not knowing where you'll go is exhilarating and amazing.


I haven't thought it, but as always say, whats gonna happened if I do it?, let's take the risk.


Once I saw it in the movie ''Always say yes'' with Jim Carry, it inspired me and I decided that I want to repeat it. It's a lot of fun!!


This will be a domestic flight since my city's airport is domestic only. Preferably somewhere that I haven't been to before.


I want to be spontaneous since I never am


I saw it on a tv show once and it seems so insane and spontaneous- I need to do this.


Travel independently and without any planning. I work close to Heathrow airport so one day book a flight after a shift and just go somewhere cheap and random.


I really woild like to make an impulsive spontaneous decision with no reall consequences like this one at least once in my life.


I think doing this would be super fun


i want to learn about different cultures and heritage from around the world


I want to be able to travel to any place without any plan


To have an adventure worth telling.


I want to go somewhere random with my sisters by January 8th, 2030.


I wan to go to a random flight anywhere!!!


My lifelong dream is to travel the world.


Because it sounds like fun! I like being spontaneous so this fits well.


I want to do something exciting before I die I want to leave a legacy or my mark on the world because I am a former cancer patient and almost died without having to do anything exciting in my life I want to give hope to other cancer patients that there is always hope and it may not seem that way at the time but there is always hope


The show No Tomorrow! I am not spontaneous enough, I always have to have a plan. This would be so adventurous and out of my comfort zone.


The spontanious and unexspected element ..


Someday I will take Sam to the airport on a random weekday after work and we will travel somewhere random!


Save R20K each and backpack on a whim


I think going to the airport and take the next random flight somewhere would be fun and yolo.


all because of How I met your mother


Just sounds like an awesome thing to do.. whats more spontaneous than that.. be messed up if it happens to be somewhere shit like Afghanistan though


'Airport hopping' - coolest thing ever =)


I have Never been in an Airplane! So for my first flight I would Love to just go to an airport and take the very next available round trip flight to anywhere.


OMG I'd LOVE to do this! :-) I wouldn't know what to pack though lol


oh to have the money the time and the courage! sounds like so much fun! a holiday with no plans! just take them as they come!


I want to do something spontaneous and reckless that brings me somewhere new and exciting.


How exciting would it be to have no idea where your going until you get to the airport? definitely letting fate decide


Wouldn't it be great to just let fate decide where you're going next?


This is on my bucket list because i've always wanted to just go to a place without a cause and learn to adapt. I will do this one day when i run away.


Taking the risk of not knowing your next plan


I dont care where the flight is going to, I just want to take a unplanned flight somewhere for the day or weekend or whatever.