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Visit Ireland

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I have always seen pictures of Ireland on the internet or watched vlogs of people visiting there, so from what I can see, it looks beautiful.


I want to travel to the place where my ancestors were born.


Visit cork in Ireland back in 2010ish


I have done this twice. Once, I went and stayed with my friends and their family in Galway, Ireland for a week in a half. This was in college (my freshman year). I went on spring break from Harvard University. My friends were Josh Exoo and Christian Exoo, fraternal twins that I was friends with from not long after they were born. Their parents were Fred Exoo and Diane Exoo. On this trip, we did many things. We went to a pub in Galway at least twice. We went to Dublin and toured the city, and Chris and I went out at night. We danced at a local club and drank. One morning, Diane made us a traditional Irish breakfast. The Exoos were living in Galway, Ireland for the year. Chris showed me his electric guitar, and Josh and I went to a movie. Diane and I went out to eat at a restaurant. Also, I met some of Josh and Chris's friends, and we did codeine. Josh and Chris are a year and a half younger than me. In addition, Josh and I ate samosas from a vendor in Galway, the three of us got our picture taken in a photo booth, and some of us went on a trip to The Aran Islands. The second time, I travelled with my sister Anna and we visited Diane Exoo in Dingle. Diane's friend Anne Monk and her son Sam were on this trip with us. This was also while I was attending Harvard University. On the way back to the U.S., my sister and I were re-routed through Belfast.


I have Irish grandparents and yet I've never even been to Ireland!! Id love to drink a Guinesss (which iIve only ever used to cook!) Visit the roads where my Nana and Grandad lived before they moved to Lodon. Take in some breathtaking scenery


Pictures I have seen always look so beautiful. I have some Irish heritage and think it would be neat to travel there.


I am 1/4 Irish on my dad's side, and my grandma has been to Ireland and loved it. So I want to go there to see where my roots come from.


I'd love to see the green fields and hills of Ireland.


I am Irish. I have always felt a connection with Ireland


We are going to Ireland next summer for a friends wedding, we are going to use this opportunity to travel around Ireland and if time permits , we may do the entire UK. I will have to start planning the trip soon.


I love Celtic life. The music, the clothes, the food, the castles and the perfect landscapes that seem to be drawn from pictures.


See where my heritage is from. I'm Irish and Welsh and I always knew I was Irish. I love there traditions and music. I'm an Irish step dancer since I was 6 years old and I'm now almost 30 so you can do the math of that.


Saw on another person's bucket list and sounds great


Would love to bring my mom and complete our genealogy.


I have Irish descendants, so i would love to see their culture.


My goal is to live a happy life.. Travel the world... See different people.. Different culture... Enjoy to the fullest


It has always been my favorite place to visit, I want to lose myself.


Plan a trip around the Hibredes for Tiree The fairy pools at the Isle of Skye A castle in Ireland and the mystical Stonehendge


Go to Ireland and spend time getting to know where my family came from.


My family originated in Ireland and I dream of "going home" some day.


I have seen it only through movies and pictures. I want to experience it in person.


Always wanted to go to Ireland.


A place I've always wanted to visit as it's so close


love of nature, fan of Westlife.


I am Irish on both sides of my family and have always wanted to go here.


Ive always felt I would feel at home in Ireland


Watching P.S I love You made me want to go to Ireland. The country looks so beautiful.


I've always loved Ireland's folklore and stories, and I'd love to visit the place where they all took place.


From what I've seen, Ireland is beautiful.


My family originates from Ireland and I've always wanted to visit it


I want to visit Ireland for at least one week


The wonderful John Wayne movie, "The Quiet Man." Can there really be a place as gentle and carefree as Inisfree?


I'm Irish decent, seems only natural i go there!


I have family over there, I'd love to meet them


Since watching the film leap year ive always wanted to go!!