Before I die I want to...
Get Married

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2125 buckaroos have listed 'Get Married' as one of their life goals:

I want to get married and have a life partner.


Get married so I'm not a single pringle all my life. Loneliness inspired this goal.


I married the love of my life on December 14th, 2017, and I couldn't be more happy!


It's every girl's dream to have that fairy-tale wedding ~ Now it's my turn


To find my soul mate and true love and live a fulfilled life.


I want to be a married woman to the man I love.


I wanna meet someone and fall in love


family is important and so is love a goal of minento have a ahppy family


I want to marry the love of my life.


At some point in my life I would like to get married and start a family.


I think living alone for a while would get pretty annoying. So why not??


This is everyone's dream to fall in love and get married to the person of your dreams and have children and live a happy life. This is something I have to do to be happy in my life.


I want to continue my life permanently with the person I love and be able to start a family


So I can have kids and have a family.


I want to get married to the person who loves and cherishes me the most.


Be married to my wonderful girlfriend.


I want to find the individual God created to be my husband! I want to live a happy, loving and joyful life with my spouse.


I like the institution of marriage and my grandparents are so much in love that I would like to also have someone I love for the rest of my life.


Find someone to share my life with.


wit someone I love and loves me back


I really want to eventually get married so that I can have a family


I really want to fall in love with a guy who does want nudes and actually respects me


I don't like the idea of marriage, but i'm still curious.


I'd like to make that commitment to someone, settle down and do life with someone.


You would get a spouse who goes through life with you. They'll be your bestfriend and always have your back. You are able to build your own family and make yoour extended family grow.


Find a beautiful women that'll marry me. I want to make her happy, I want her to make me happy. We need to be 100% completely in love for us to get married.


Meeting my soulmate, the closest person in life of whom can relate to me, my better half...


and go on an awesome honeymoon!!


I want to find the love of my life and marry him. Create a lifetime of happy for us.


i wanna iend the love of my life


Get married to the love of my life


As long as I have remembered, I have thought about this day


I would like to find the one in my life that will make me happy. And so we can have happiness love and joy together.


nothing really i just want a family


I am a hopeless romantic, dream of finding love and living happily ever after.


I've always wanted to become a wife & mother even from childhood.


I don't want to be alone my whole life.


I have learned that this is part of Heavenly Father's plan.


as crazy as it sounds, I've done some growing up and think its probably time to really think about settling down


Who doesn't want to get married?


The man of my dreams, where are you?


med en fantastisk mann som utfordrer meg på alle områder


Getting married has just always been a goal. It's not me being a weak female or needs a man to depend on, it's me wanting a best friend to walk through life with.


Dont let anyone know Invite only the kids (Binx,Kayls,Tiree) Then go on a travel holiday of our choice Tell all when back by sending them a postcard of our honeymoon


Marry the man of my dreams. Realize there will be rough patches, but love is love... through good and bad!


Well, I already know who the lovely man is, just have to wait four... maybe five years.


Don't wanna be, all by myself ;)


Goal Achieved when - The wedding ceremony is over


Who doesn't want to get married and share the rest of their life with someone they love?


I wanna marry someone who really loves me and who I can talk to, cuddle with and laugh with. True love.