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Visit Japan

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i'm in love with japan. of course also animes, but the culture, the landscapes, the food and the language are what is so fascinating that i want to visit that country of my dreams. so i'll visit that country as soon as i can!


It's always a place that I love to see one day.


A childhood dream. I've wanted to visit Japan since I was a very young girl.


Its beautiful and I have had many pen pals from japanit would be a great experience.


Lots to do, lots to see. Pillows concert Hatsune Miku live Shinjuku station Shinjuku Gyoen Geek out in Akihabara Maid cafes


I want to see the Sakura trees, see the people, the art. And visit Wisteria flower tunnel


Fascinated by its culture, way of life, nice sceneries, food and tradition


I have always been interested in Japanese culture.


I would like to see all the continents that I can.


I Just want to see the world. Plus, I am learning Japanese


There is something amazing about Japan. I can't exactly describe what makes me think so, but when I look at the culture and the people, I have a sudden urge to be one of them.


visit one of the best places on this rock.


The rural country areas as well as city.


I've gone many times, but I want to be able to go once I've learned Japanese. That way I can actually talk to people.


After seeing a friends photos in Japan, I've loved the idea of seeing Japan in person, experiencing the traditional culture.


This has been my number 1 holiday destination since I studied traditional tattooing back at art college. I actually had a dream holiday booked here but I fell pregnant and couldn't go. My best friend has just been on honeymoon and I am desperate to go!! It's the food, the national identity, the cherry blossom.....


Going to an International School, a load of my peers have either lived or visited Japan. From what I've heard, it's amazing.


And eat A LOT of Japanese food.


i really want to go to japan and explore.


I love visiting new places & Japan is like no other place I've been before, so it would be awesome.


Dress as a geisha and harajuku girl!


I love anime and manga. From that I respect Japanese culture. So why shouldn't I visit Japan?


There are so many things I want to see in Japan...I can't possibly list them all here.


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