Before I die I want to...
Visit Japan

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783 buckaroos have listed 'Visit Japan' as one of their life goals:

A not too big city, I just want to see what it's like, talk to and meet some people, experience the culture and of course go to an event if manageable.


Japan was lovely when I was a child. I want to see Japan through the eyes of an adult.


See the cherry blossom and get a tattoo


Visit Japan....learn more about Japan and live an otaku's life for sometime.


I need to visit Japan in my lifetime, and explore all over. The hiking spots, the touristy spots, and enjoy the nerd locations. While Im there Nintendo World should be a place to visit too.


I have always dreamed of visiting Japan. It's so beautiful, the language is gorgeous, the culture's fascinating, and it is the birthplace of anime and otaku culture.


I want to visit Japan, particularly the Akihabara district and the Studio Ghibli museum


Japan has to be on the list. So much history and culture to explore.


Visit: 1) Mt. Yoshino. 2) Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima. 3) Meguro River, Tokyo. 4) Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine and Nachi Falls, Wakayama Prefecture. 5) Mt. Fuji. 6) Daigo-ji Temple, Kyoto. 7) Walk Through the Wisteria Tunnel at Kawachi Fuji Gardens, in Kitakyushu.


Particularly to see Japan in Blossom


One of my biggest dreams is to travel to Japan.


I've been trying to go for years. Lets get this DONE


Japan has the nature, people, culture, buildings and architect that I adore. I want to take lots of breathtaking pictures of Japan, visit the shrine. Every time that I watch anime, I think the vibes suit me.


Travel to Tokyo and experience the city.


visit japan and study their culture


It has been my dream since I was a teenager. Japan's nature culture and architecture fascinated me and I wanted to visit and get to know it closer.


I want to travel to Japan! I've always dreamed of visiting here. I really really really want to explore it.


I've always been interested in visiting Japan. I'm just afraid of racism.


i'm in love with japan. of course also animes, but the culture, the landscapes, the food and the language are what is so fascinating that i want to visit that country of my dreams. so i'll visit that country as soon as i can!


It's always a place that I love to see one day.


Its beautiful and I have had many pen pals from japanit would be a great experience.


Lots to do, lots to see. Pillows concert Hatsune Miku live Shinjuku station Shinjuku Gyoen Geek out in Akihabara Maid cafes


I want to see the Sakura trees, see the people, the art. And visit Wisteria flower tunnel


Fascinated by its culture, way of life, nice sceneries, food and tradition


I have always been interested in Japanese culture.


I would like to see all the continents that I can.


I Just want to see the world. Plus, I am learning Japanese


There is something amazing about Japan. I can't exactly describe what makes me think so, but when I look at the culture and the people, I have a sudden urge to be one of them.


visit one of the best places on this rock.


The rural country areas as well as city.


I've gone many times, but I want to be able to go once I've learned Japanese. That way I can actually talk to people.


After seeing a friends photos in Japan, I've loved the idea of seeing Japan in person, experiencing the traditional culture.


This has been my number 1 holiday destination since I studied traditional tattooing back at art college. I actually had a dream holiday booked here but I fell pregnant and couldn't go. My best friend has just been on honeymoon and I am desperate to go!! It's the food, the national identity, the cherry blossom.....


Going to an International School, a load of my peers have either lived or visited Japan. From what I've heard, it's amazing.


And eat A LOT of Japanese food.


i really want to go to japan and explore.


I love visiting new places & Japan is like no other place I've been before, so it would be awesome.


Dress as a geisha and harajuku girl!


I love anime and manga. From that I respect Japanese culture. So why shouldn't I visit Japan?


There are so many things I want to see in Japan...I can't possibly list them all here.