Before I die I want to...
Bonfire By The Beach At Night

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have fun and party with friends


I have gone camping with bonfires but I have never done it at the beach before! I would love to turn this into a camping trip by the beach, possibly on Assateague Island to be with the wild horses again!


never got invited to those things


My dad is awesome. And he wants a beach house one day. He doesn't think he will ever have one, but I want to get it for him one day.


Saw someone do this and thought of course I need to do this


After my hike...I want to learn self love and I figure what better way then to bare it all!


cook some s'mores watching the sunset


I've always seen this as a nice way to spend the evening. Hanging with my friends and chilling by the beach without the hazards of sunburns (I burn very easily).


Did these almost every other weekend during in high school. So glad I grew up in California!


I love the ocean and to be there at night with all the people I care about would be even better.


Me and friends sat around a bonfire, warmth of the flames with the windy sea keeping us cool.


I want walk barefoot on the beach and feel the sea breeze. I want to enjoy a Bonfire by the beach at night; while having a couple of drinks and talking with someone close to my heart about life. It has to be the right time, the right place while we gaze at the stars out into space. ~Crystal~


Lol! I think, it has to be time and the right place.


I want to be served on a luxury cruise and have time at the beach and meet my idol again for a nice cold beer and a nice cheeseburger


I wanna feel the sea breeze while having a couple of drinks and talking about life with someone close to my heart. Just chill and thank God