Before I die I want to...
Learn Archery

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400 buckaroos have listed 'Learn Archery' as one of their life goals:

I was inspired at 4-H camp in Malone, NY when I was younger to learn archery


I learned how to do archery in 2010 as part of a high school club activity.


I don't need to be a professional, I just want to know how to hit the targets and maybe make a couple of bullseyes.


I am a boring type of person who knows no sports.To improve my well being, i want to learn new sports and archery is i think an ambition of mine. I want to point and shoot an arrow perfectly to a target.


I will register a basic course and the Youth Community Center, 500,000VND for 7 studying day, then practice to master this :)


Feels like one of the most badass skills possible and I want


It has been an interest of mine to live like I am on the medieval era where I am an archer or a knight


There is something about archery that attracts me to it. Perhaps it is the precision of it and the focus it requires to master it!


what sparked my dream was from people around me and just learning the skill would be amazing


I have shot arrows twice in my life and both times it was incredible. After seeing some of my favorite movie/book characters shoot, it's made me want to learn in a more professional capacity.


Papa Aregent can teach us anytime..


Was hesitant on this, but I think I really want to this now.


I want to do this because my cousin did this for a very long time and I did it in Gym class in my high school... I want REALLY try and learn.


The Percy Jackson series is to blame for this one.


...And maybe combine this with all of the horseback-riding experience?!


Hello.. it's archery... enough said.


This bucket list item has nothing to do with The Hunger Games, which has apparently made archery a bucket list item for many teenage girls. (Not that it's a bad thing.) I took archery in middle school back in 2002 and I loved it. I want to pick it back up again!


Robin Hood makes it look cool. Enough said.


I want to learn to shot a bow and arrow like in old times.