Before I die I want to...
Get A Tattoo

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3048 buckaroos have listed 'Get A Tattoo' as one of their life goals:

I want a tattoo that represents something important in my life.


get a tattoo with mij best friend


I want a tattoo of roses, but I'm not sure what else as of yet.


I want to get one just to say that I did. I have a design in mind and it has meaning. The next step is to get artist to take a look at it and see what they can do


I want to get a Tattoo after I turn 18


To get a tattoo of something small to remind me to stay strong


I want to get several tattoos that tell the story of my life


Always wanted tattoos. Just need to plan for it.


i am a creative soul and love anything beautiful


Sunflower tattoo, possibly with Nora's DOB


I have a few picked but a couple have hidden meanings


I just want one before I die. Maybe a butterfly.


I'd like to get multiple tattoos, all of which have a special meaning to me.


I want to get two tattoos because I want them.


i want to remember my first tattoo


get a tattoo the look pretty rad on people


I want to get my first tattoo in 2018.


Get a tattoo that inspires me to continue with life when it gets hard


i need 7 tattoos on my body , number may exceed but cant be reduced ....


Just a small tattoo that means something to me. It's almost too normal to have one now and days!


I've always wanted to get a matching tattoo with my best friend or either a tattoo on my ribs that's a gun because it means I'm tough and I never give up easily.


I want to get a rose with a breast cancer ribbon going around it and inside the ribbon has my mothers name


I want to have a piece of art that is meaningful to me on my body permently


because it is interesting tio hav art work on yiu


Being able to express your self on your body is great, and getting one's that are unique to you are even better, because it helps you to remember, to feel empowered, and to be strong.


For my first tattoo I want either a rose or a quote


I want tattoos with my favorite lines from favorite poems.


I want to get a small meaningful tattoo. I've always said I would get a tattoo by age 18 and that will happen. I want it to be meaningful but if I find something I like I might end up getting that.


My goal here is to show people what inspires me in life by getting a tattoo.


What a perfect way to add something Meanigful to your body that reminds you everyday of who you strive to be. x


I want my name, or a 1D or the Dan and Phil whiskers.


In Ancient mythology, a Phoenix was said to live a 500-1000 year cycle after which it would ignite and burn down to ashes. A new born would rise from the ashes and live life again! A phoenix symbolizes hope, it symbolizes me


I love art plus they look so hot


I just think some tattoos are cool and want one when I am older.


I always wanted a tattoo, but if must be perfect. It is permanent :) This cannot be an impulsive decision


I want to mark myself with a symbol that represents some aspect of myself.


I want to get a tattoo but not one thats big and too out there, just one thats small enough to be discrete.


Get a memorable Tattoo by JonBoy


Something in memory of my sister.


I've always wanted tattoos, I don't know what makes me want them... I just think they look so cool..


I want to get a tattoo! Getting this tattoo has been so much fun! I've had for a while now, and it is a best friend tattoo. On my foot, I got the words, "You Keep Me Safe" with an arrow under it. My best friend got the words, "You Keep Me Wild." It was such a great experience for us, and I will always look at it fondly and think of all the fun times I've had with her.


I want a airplane tattoo on my neck (love of travelling), a anchor on my ankle (i am a professional diver with padi licence Im 13 btw) and last i want tally 13 on the side of my wrist (how many times i cut myself).


Get a tattoo with the word Wanderlust


"Pain Demands to be Felt" on my ankle


I want a tattoo with an infinity heart and my kids names inside the hearts.


All my family have a tattoo and I have always wanted one.


A tattoo is a commitment. Whatever is is it has to mean the world to me.


just a little wild before i hope not but if cancer takes my life i want to do the things i was afraid of


being spontaneous. I want another tattoo.


being spontaneous. I want another tattoo.