Before I die I want to...
Be A Bridesmaid

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386 buckaroos have listed 'Be A Bridesmaid' as one of their life goals:

Was a bridesmaid in my best friend's wedding and soon to be a bridesmaid in my older sister's wedding!


My goal is to be Katherine Heigl in 27 Dresses—that’s how many close, meaningful friendships I want to have. Weddings are one of the most important days in a person’s life—who they choose to spend that day with says a lot about the strength of your relationship with them.


Be A Bridesmaid on my friend wedding


I have never been to a wedding and would love to be a big part of the ceremony.


I would like to have someone think highly enough of me to want to be a part of their big day.


Would just love to be picked for the role.


I wanna be there, right next to my bestfriend on her big day.


Be there for my friend to support on his/her special day. (: Oh - and take lots of pictures!


Always wanted to be in a wedding especially for a family member.


my brother is getting married soon.


I have been a bridesmaid when I was little, but I want to be it again maybe at the a wedding of my best friend or my family member. It would be totally different experience now than when I was a little girl.


Hopefully for one of my oldest best friends. Also cry a lot.


I have only attended one wedding in my life. I would really love an excuse to dress up and get photos taken with my girlfriends. I would love to stand beside one of my best friends as she gets married, and be a part of the preparation process.