Before I die I want to...
Go See The Northern Lights

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502 buckaroos have listed 'Go See The Northern Lights' as one of their life goals:

i don't want my life to waste away, i want live i want to experience everything life has in store, i want to be happy. i want to feel so extremely content. i'm obsessed with the beauty of the world and i crave to experience it all. i don't want to stay in the same suburb for the rest of my life like my family has.


I want to bring people along on my adventure to do things everyone dreams of doing.


i have suddent come to know about this and now i am excited to watch it. cant wait man.


i wont to see the beautiful northern lights


Beauty of mother earth and experience the physical presence of magnetic north


This inspires me because I always see them on television but I wanna see what they actually look like. I know they look really fascinating and it would be cool to go out and look at the sky. I would love to take a date or significant other with me I think that would be a really sweet date.


I've always wanted to see the northern lights! Where's the best place to go?


The Northern Lights is one of the world's greatest natural wonders, and I want to see real beauty in the world.


They are spectacular on a screen and must be sso much better in the flesh. Hopefully viewed from Iceland


They're mystical and beautiful. I just want to see them in person, not through a painting, and not through a tv screen.


I saw a documentary on the television and it looked so impressive and awesome! You just have to go there once in your life.


They seem magical and I need magic in my life.


The beauty and spirituality of the Lights


Aliens!!!! No, really to enjoy the beauty of the beginnings of creation - if that makes sense.


they seem to be beautiful and it's so magical to me


I don't care where I just want to be able to see the aurora borealis at some point in my life.


They always look so very beautiful in movies. It must be even more spectacular in person.


I have been to Finland for a couple of times buth I want to go to Norway and see the lights.


Hopefully we can cross off two items at once ..the Northern lights have always been something we want to see


I'd like to see the northern lights.


I would love to go and see the northern lights they look so pretty!


The Disney movie Balto created this dream for me (:


Want to see one of the most beautifull things there is


Saw it on YouTube and it was amazing


Because on photos they look so beautiful and I would love to see them in real life.


I would like to go to Lapland at Christmas and see the Northern Lights.


Saw this picture of the transparent igloo


I saw them in a picture and thought they were beautiful