Before I die I want to...
Go Scuba Diving

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Always wanted to see exotic fish in their natural habitat.


Water is amazing therapy for me. I love being in the water and Swimming with SEA TURTLES is my absolute own dream.


I would love to go scuba diving, particularly with manta rays. I am also interested in learning underwater photography


I want to experience first-hand what I spent so many hours reading about as a child


I want to check out the Great Barrier Reef in Australia one day.


I was always scared of deep water. I want to do something against this fear


Scared of the ocean and sharks, but would love to scuba


Maybe in The Maldives/ Underwater sculpture park in cancun


My brother completing scuba school in the military


The ocean is a beautiful and mysterious place. I would like to be able to view the natural beauty of it


I want to see underwater wolrd first hand and experince something amazing!


Boyfriend is a diver, so naturally I'm going to try that.


Growing up, I never learned to swim. I wasn't afraid of water. In fact, I loved going to the lake, pools, and the ocean, but never really far enough that I couldn't reach the bottom. I wasn't one to swim underwater or open my eyes beneath the water. I've always been fascinated with sea life and scuba diving, but was always afraid to try it. Now, I really want to try it!


I love to see the fish and the beautiful ocean


love the idea of seeing whats actually on the sea bed


I love the water and animals so it's a great mixture.


I have fear for the deep sea. I hate swimming but I really wish I could dive. So, I hope I'd go scuba diving and tackle my fear.


I've always wanted to go scuba diving. marine life fascinates me :)


I love to swim and hopefully I can go in the Great Barrier Reef.


But first I need to overcome my fear of fish


I don't care where! Anywhere with sea life :)


Go Scuba Diving somewhere beautiful.


I used to want to be a marine life biologist and it would be awesome to feel like a mermaid and see things you don't see every day.


survival skill. What happens when global warming happens?


I have always wanted to dive, love the water, love the world beneath... I'm gonna make it happen :)


Not sure I could do this, because I've been down under water in scuba gear before and got claustrophobic. Not good.


I would loveeeee to go scuba diving but first need to learn how to swimm.......


Diveing is my passion so I have to try this.


Achieved in August 2005 In Malta!


This would be an amazing experience so wana give it a try


The thought of floating and moving effortlessly through the water would be very relaxing.


looks so awesome, something to remember and see the wonders underwater. i have heard the gold coast Australia is a great place to do it, so want to do it there.


I love water and being under it and on my own watching the the life go by, be it on the bottom of a pool watching people swimming above or then ocean want the life be aquatic.


One of my friend's has gone and I'd like to get over my fear of large bodies of water. I may not be ale to get over my foot exposure while on the surface thing, but it would be a start!


go scuba diving anywhere in the world!


I can get very claustrophobic and going under water definitely does it for me. I want to be able to overcome that.


Love the blue sea and as always the creatures living in it!


Go scuba diving at various beaches


I would love to swim with the fish!


I've always wanted to do this ;-) wouldn't mind swimming with my fishies


Just sounds super duppppper fun!:)


Go scuba diving and swim with fishes.


I want to deep see dive and see all the amazing under water colors.


After watching the Titanic and representing Ecuador in the THIMUN Special Conference on Seas and Ocean, the sea seems something I haven't spent a lot of my life thinking about.


I used to go scuba diving. It was my dream which came true at the age of twenty. But in the last year I didn't had the opportunity, money, etc. I even not seen the see... I miss it really.


Another book:) plus it would be cool to see another world we can only partly live in.


I'm fascinated by marine life and would love to be up close to them in a beautiful ocean


I love the ocean and marine life.


i want to scuba dive on the great barrier reef


would it be nice to try it in the Great Barrier Reef? oh well, i fear sharks.