Before I die I want to...
Climb A Mountain

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Mt Everest is an obvious dream but atleast a simple mountain climb has to be done!


Inspired by quite a few people, the satisfaction would be amazing and the views, gorgeous!


Preferably not something wimpy. Kilimanjaro?


Want to know how it feels climbing a mountain, and the feeling of achieving something really hard physically


This goal as well goes along with my goal to visit New Zealand and it is mostly to stand atop Mount Aoraki/Cook and atop a mountain in Queenstown


i live by mt rainier so i see it all the time


It's something that a lot of people can say they've never done. It's challenging and takes a lot of willpower and reliance on God.


I want to climb Kilimanjaro, Mt Kenya and Many more.


I've driven up mountains but I've never walked up one. It's just something I would like to be able to say I have done.


I have always wanted to climb to the highest point I could and just look at the view.


My Dad took us all over the place when I was young. I'm glad he did this with us.


I want to climb Mt Fuji. Ever since watching a documentary about how it feels as if you're in the clouds hiking it, I've always dreamed of going.


weeeh, just wana xperienz it. ahaha