Before I die I want to...
Visit Hawaii

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I want to visit Hawaii, because It’s a beautiful place, incredible islands and volcanoes. I would like swim with dolphins and try the food that is said to be wonderful. 🏝️


Visit at least 2 of the Hawaiian Islands, hike through the rainforest, eat fresh fish, drink local coffee and beer, go snorkeling, watch the sunset, swim in the pacific ocean


I wannna visit Hawaii with my family.


Somewhere I've always wanted to visit and possibly dance in a grass skirt!


i want to visit hawaii because it seems like a fun relaxing place to go to. things i would like to do while i'm there : swim with turtles collect rocks and gems get a glimpse of lava visit kaihalulu beach


Oddly specific, I've driven around hawaii on a game which was based on the real road network for hawaii, would be nice to visit places I've been too but in real life!


Since I was in the military always wanted to visit Hawaii


I've always liked Hawaii, from the language to the landscape.


Astronomy! To go to that observatory! To touch the stars and see one of the loveliest places on Earth. (And thank it for Obama!)


Either for a honeymoon or just a vacation visit.


Since I started my family I hardly have enough money to travel and just need to do this for the memories with or without my family


I would volcano in Hawaii, eat over the top


Visit the black sand beaches, see dolphins


Dreamed of doing this since I was a little kid.


The Hawaiian lifestyle is similar to what I would like to live, it is relaxed and grounded and I would love to experience it.


Pineapples, Palm Trees and Pearl Harbor...all in America


Volcanoes. Pig over a fire. yummy.


Why wouldn't you? It's Hawaii....


Mokulē'ia Beach North Shore A beach holiday destination with photography in mind


My Aunt and her family has lived in Hawaii and my mom visited her while she was there and they all said it is beautiful there. I have seen pictures but I would really like to see it for myself.


I love any place tropical, and Hawaii is one of those places I would love to see.


To meet my pen pal and her family in person one day.


looks gorgeous. sounds like a great honeymoon or simply a vacation location!


like many places in in us! i want to visit hawaii!


want to see the volcanoes and try surfing there !


My in laws visited. Its beautiful.


I would like to visit Hawaii because my aunt and uncle visited and said it was great


JAL flight over the cobalt blue waters of Hawaii


and take my mum as she has always wanted to go and see where Elvis used to stay


sooo pretty! and the surf looks awesome!


Always Wanted To Visit Hawaii. I'd Be Fun At A Luau! :D