Before I die I want to...
Own A House.

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417 buckaroos have listed 'Own A House.' as one of their life goals:

2 Bedrooms are fine (Townhouse styled)


I wanna either have a ranch with a lot of lands to do all the things I want or a medium-little house cabin style in the middle of a forest covered by trees with a breathtaking view.


Would like to appreciate the beauty everyday


I have always had the goal of someday being a home owner


I would love to have something to leave behind for my kids but due to my ill health this is unlikely


I am currently saving, but it'll be a grand accomplishment if I actually own my own home before 2019


Own a very big home that I got myself


Own a house in a beautiful quiet location; no more dreadful apartment living...


I want own my own house and was sparked by my family. Each of them have bought and own one and I would like to before I die.


I've lived in an apartment my whole life. A change in long overdue.


I want something that's mine. I want that mortgage because I know I'll feel more like the adult I already am. I want to be able to take a sledge hammer to the walls and no one be there (besides the boyfriend/husband) to say not to!


It's just nice to have a place you can call "your own"..


My family never really has had a home to call home. So i want that for myself, somewhere to have a garden and a great patio. Im into decorating so i want to make it amazing.