Before I die I want to...
Publish A Book

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I'm working on two books now :D


When I can afford to travel the world, I'm going to start writing that book!


To let my emotions find its best through words


Have always fancied publishing a fact book - and just recently learned about self-publishing!


a book about all of my travels...i have so many ideas but im too lazy to sit down and write them!


I want to be a writer and have published books, that are one the New York best selling list!


I always wanted to publish a book since I can remember


I wrote an entire novel as a teenager. It was rough and was rejected for publication but made me aware that writing a book is totally possible. I'm thinking that a children's book may be more in my scope and reach.


I want to publish my book about my family. It's about alcoholism and the affects it has on the entire family unit. The gene is handed down through the generations destroying families.


I love writing more than anything.


Something to leave my children!


It could be Eden or any other. I would just like to see something I have created on my shelf