Before I die I want to...
Travel To Europe

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150 buckaroos have listed 'Travel To Europe' as one of their life goals:

Get there - See Eiffel Tower - Buckingham Palace - Stone Henge - Cliffs of Moher - Cliffs of Dover - Coliseum - Ski the Alps - Drink beer at Hofbrauhaus - Travel on a river - Bicycle in Amsterdam - Scottish Highlands - Beach in Spain or Portugal


I wanna travel and feel like I'm living


Europe would be cool to visit, but not live in. Unpopular opinion, but America is great and one of the best countries to live in because of all of the rights and freedoms Americans have.


I have always loved Europe and have wanted to travel there


Travel to Europe again, especially France, UK, Italy and Belgium


Always had a wish to travel to Paris


Italy, England, Spain, Greece, Germany, Poland, Ireland


Well I was on the internet, and I found this website called which offers an oppurtunity to travel all over europe with other people my age!!


Travel to Europe to explore and learn all it's culture & past history. -Greece -Italy -England -France


Has some of the worlds best cusine!


This continent has a lot of great places that i'd want (love) to go t alone. I feel that there is so much history and culture in here that I just want to partake in.


I want to experience a different cultures.


Always wanted to go to Italy, Greece, Paris, Rome.


I have never been outside of the U.S.