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Learn To Play Piano

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172 buckaroos have listed 'Learn To Play Piano' as one of their life goals:

I want to be able to play "Gymnopedie" on the piano


I'm enjoying playing piano. I would like to learn piano by teacher.


Wanted to learn since I was a kid. Took lessons few years ago and learned how to play.


Playing the piano can bring the joy of music into your life as well as the lives of others. The piano is a very popular musical instrument through which you can produce amazing and beautiful sounds. By pressing the various keys on a piano's keyboard small hammers hit strings that produce the musical notes. The piano


I have had a passionate desire to learn piano for a long time. My interest has never wavered. Even though I do not have the means or space for a piano right now I would love to take lessons and purchase a nice keyboard. I'm hoping that once I get going it could become my hobby, help relieve my stress, and possibly be a skill I can pass on to others some day!


It is a classic skill that I would like to pass down to my family, and it is a beautiful way to make music.


I love music, I love singing. I would love to be able to accompany myself.