Before I die I want to...
Visit New Zealand

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433 buckaroos have listed 'Visit New Zealand' as one of their life goals:

After graduating from PhD program, I want to take trip to the New Zealand, one part of the Oceanic continent.


A magical place that I can feel how peaceful that place is. Those wonderful sceneries that only I can see by Google anyway :) But let's dream in a big way! Aim high, work hard & have faith! Because Miracle happens only if you trust it :*


Someone that lives in my heart also lives far away. This faraway place just happens to be New Zealand. It's a goal of mine to hug this person and spend time with him in person.


November-December 2014. be the hobbit youve always dreamed of


Ever since I saw Lord of the Rings for the first time, I've dreamed of going to New Zealand.


Want to visit that Lord of the Rings/Hobbit village and take the tour of the locations where they shot the movies(s).


I want to explore New Zealand.


I love the scenery in Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit and would love to go where they were set!


Explore, hike, photograph NZ, go to the rugby


I really want to see Georgia in Wellington and see some more of the country!


-See the glow worm cave. - Set of lord of the rings


Spend 2 weeks minimum in New Zealand, visiting both the north and south islands.


Started by my love of all things LOTR, I just want to visit the country where it was filmed :)


Visit Fjordland, Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown and Glenarchy.


Beautiful place. Encourage future travel? Potential place to live?


I want to visit my family in New Zealand...just have to find a way to afford the plane ticket!


Kayak Fjords, Maori tribe, experience the hot springs


The best place to go and see dolphins kol....


I can't wait to visit this beautiful country. I want to see a Kiwi!