Before I die I want to...
Have A Job That I Love

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474 buckaroos have listed 'Have A Job That I Love' as one of their life goals:

for buy my things, example car, a house and a pet


To leave well. What inspired me because am jobless now i need a job


Im inspired by doing the right thing.... I love helping and protecting those that for whatever reason cant stand for themselves and really do need some extra help!!!


A job in marketing that I am excited about doing


Get a job that I'm passionate about.


To have a job that pays good, but I can like waking up to it.


I want to enjoy my life completely. Have fun without regrets. Be happy daily, not just at weekends...


i dont wanna have a job that i dont like or am not conftarble in you to dont have a job that you dot like trust me its the right thing to do !!!


To have a music career. It helps me live.


I want to love my job so I enjoy getting up and going to work everyday.


Have a job that I love and that makes good money!


My hope is to be not only stuck with but to have a job that I enjoy for he rest of my life. I want to get involved in the medical field. Maybe in a doctors office. Maybe in an OB's office. Maybe at the hospital idk. I just have to follow the path gor has for me.


bring out my talents, connect people and give them a learning and joyful experience


I always loved children and have always wanted to make a difference.


Would love to be happy in a job position. Want to love the tasks, the people, etc.


Rather than anything that makes a living, do a job I love


preferably in connection with my degree in one way or another.. not that stressful and a job that I will enjoy...