Before I die I want to...
Learn To Play The Piano.

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449 buckaroos have listed 'Learn To Play The Piano.' as one of their life goals:

Never been musically educated so practice makes perfect. Got the piano now it's about learning and self teaching and having discipline..


I want to play Alicia Key's "If I ain't got you" on the piano at King shaka Int airport in Durban


I wanted to learn because then I can play anything I want to play.


I so want to learn a music instrument this would do :P


You know you have to learn an instrument when it gives you Goosebumps every time.


I started playing again recently after giving up around 20 years ago. This time I will learn to play to a high standard


I want to learn to play the piano, I want to play with confidence "The House of The Rising Sun" and "Love Theme from The Godfather". I am very envious of anyone that can play an instrument fluently.


I have a piano at home and I don't know how to play it


I can play guitar but there's something about being able to sit down at a piano that is inspiring to me.


I want to become an intermediate pianist at the very least and be able to play anything just by reading the music.


I just love how it sounds and have always wanted to be able to spontaneously sit at one in a restaurant and start playing without the knowledge of anyone knowing I can play.


I've had friends that can play the piano and its always been something I wished I could do. Being able to sit down and just play a song and relax would be really cool.


I always loved music, and the piano is my favorite


I have always loved the piano. My parents were poor and could not afford lessons, nor did they own a piano. I promised my adult self to learn.


I have a x-pianola and would love to learn to play it and read music.


Love music, but no natural talent


I want to be a multi-instrmentalist.


I want to learn how to play an instrument well.


It's a beautiful instrument so I wanted to learn how to play it since it's difficult to master.


I wish I could find time to do this


Learning to play the piano was something I always wanted to do ever since I was little...never knew why I did not...but I did it!!! It was something of a challenge because my left hand did not was to cooperate with my right =/


I love the piano, I think pianos are beautiful and I want to learn how to play one.


love the instrument. would like to master a few songs.


I love the piano but I'm not particularly gifted, musically. But I could at least learn the basics.


I've always liked the music that a piano makes. When I was young, we acquired a piano for free or very cheap. I was excited to learn to play, but when my father and uncles were moving it, they dropped it off of the truck. I never did learn to play and have recently become the owner of my husband's great grandmother's piano. It has been tuned and now I just need to learn to play. I love the music and would like to have a musical/artistic outlet.


After taking some piano lessons as a child, I got frustrated and gave up. I wish I hadn't!


I guess I can play but I want to be better at it and make the 7 years worth of lessons my parents paid for worth it.


Because I love piano music and think it is such a beautiful instrument.


I love the sound of piano, I would love to learn at least one song.


I want to be able to play music that expresses my feelings, not just listen to it.