Before I die I want to...
Learn Italian

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182 buckaroos have listed 'Learn Italian' as one of their life goals:

Italian where I can communicate w others and enjoy the culture!


I want to travel to Italy and be able to speak fluent Italian


I want to be able to speak and read books in Italian.


When I think of the Italian language I think of passion and being the passionate person I believe I am I've always thought I'd enjoy to learn it.


So I can speak Italian like my grandparents!


My family's Italian and I want to travel to Italy.


Learn it. Speak it.Own it. Love it.


A place I want to visit, so best to learn the language.


Over a 35 year span, I plan on adequately learning 16 other languages and this is the second one to learn.


After spending a year in Italy, I want to become fluent and want to go back


In primary school and secondary school our LOTE subject was Italian. I'd love to be able to speak it fluently!


I have always wanted to speak a different language and be able to communicate with my family and have connections in Italy. I also want to return to Panarea every year for a holiday and so my kids can enjoy the island and create a family tradition.


I went to Italy in high school and I thought that this language was absolutely beautiful


Learn Italian well enough to converse without a translator.


Studied abroad in Italy in 2003... need to continue


I just think Italian is one of the sexiest languages. I already speak Flemish and English and a teeny, weeny bit of French, so I would like to add Italian to the list.


Complete all 90 italian Pimsleur lessons