Before I die I want to...
Travel To Italy

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I have italian in my family and I want to travel to Italy.


I want to travel to Italy and see the vast history that it has.


Italy is just calling my name :p


One day my sister and I will travel to Italy with our girls <3 Spend time in Venice, visit "The Last Supper” in Milan,view the Renaissance art at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence,Eat pizza in Naples,Visit the Greek ruins in Sicily,Tempt fate driving along the Amalfi Coast, Go back in time at Pompeii, eat a bowl of authentic gelato,Go for a drive in Tuscany, and Walk in Caesar’s footsteps in Rome It's a beautiful country full of history and romance :) plus my heritage is from parts of Italy <3


I am all italian and I have family in Italy and I have never been. It is my dream vacation and it is definitely one of my goals in life to visit there.


Im part Italian and always wanted to visit there


I have always wanted to go Italy since I was little girl. We had a Latin class in elementary. I enjoyed learning latin along with greek mythology, etc.


Travel to Italy. Visit Rome, Venice, Florence, and Tuscany.


Always dreamt of travelling the whole world.


I've always wanted to experience another culture. Music, food, people, sights... it's all out there waiting for exploration and experience. Plus, the history! The influences and blossoms of the renaissance (musically, in art, inventions and ways of thinking). To go with some one I love would make it perfect...