Before I die I want to...
Throw A Dart At A Map And Go Wherever It Lands

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392 buckaroos have listed 'Throw A Dart At A Map And Go Wherever It Lands' as one of their life goals:

I just want to go on a fun adventure.


To throw a dart on a world map and travel to wherever it lands


I love traveling and the adventure of discovering new places. Throwing a dart at a map an just traveling to wherever it lands seems like the perfect adventure.


Knowing my luck this will land in the ocean LOL! If that happens maybe I will make it a cruise to the nearest location to the dart. I think the idea of going somewhere on a whim sounds like a fun adventure, my plan would be to learn what I can about the location and learn the basics of thier language before going and planning out my finances just to be safe.


Be spontaneous and travel to a random location.


If the dart hits an ocean, take a cruise as close as possible :)


Why not ? It might turn out to be the best place in the world ...


well let me try a local map first :)


Throw a dart at a world map and take a trip to the place it lands.


If I actually ever did this in my lifetime, that would be just awesome. To do this would be to achieve a level of adventure and spontaneity that most people aspire to but never reach.


Be spontaneous! I need to not always plan and control everything.


Spontaneity is not a part of my personality so this would be a huge jump for me!


I have just discovered this wonderful option. It's decided, I am going to do this in the future, definitely.


I would throw a dart at a map and go wherever it lands! :)


Adventure is good for the soul :D