Before I die I want to...
Learn To Drive

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527 buckaroos have listed 'Learn To Drive' as one of their life goals:

I would like to be able to drive by next fall so I can go to different fun places.😌


i want to learn how to drive because i like to travel and go places and i'm gonna need transportation. i can feel a sense of independence. a chance to explore. car rides can benefit my mental health


I want to be able to go to places on my own without the help of others


To have the freedom to go where I want when I want, to be able to say to the grandkids come on let's go some where nice today.


I never learned to drive because there wasn't enough room in my school schedule with all the music classes I had to take and my dad yelled at me when I was trying to learn outside of school and it made me more anxious. I feel I have to do this as a right of passage.


I want to learn to drive so I can travel around


Learn and Pass driving test +buy a car and insurance!


It's a skill that would make my life easier!


Learning to drive is something that I know will change my life for the positive and help me accomplish other things that I dream to do.


As this should and will open more doors in life for me.


Passed the theory test, now get behind the wheel!


im learning now at the ripe old age of 33 lol.. hoping to beat my husband to it so then I get to pick what car we own


Cant't wait to do it! I have three more years till' i'm 18, so...


Almost everyone have tried it and I'm kinda jealous.


I would like to learn to drive!


Being able to only rely on myself for transportation


Something I've always been afraid to do


I woud like to pass my driving test and buy a car.


i would like some freedom within my home life and think it would be a good learning curve.


I would love to learn how to drive, I would only want to learn on automatic