Before I die I want to...
Go And See The Northern Lights .

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226 buckaroos have listed 'Go And See The Northern Lights .' as one of their life goals:

i want to see the northern lights becuase they look beautiful in alaska. i would go with my wife or girlfriend and see the lights.


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its a place different different from the rest


They look beautiful and breah-taking in photos, I would like to see them in person.


I think it would be so amazing to see the Northern Lights. The pictures of them always look so beautiful I can't imagine what they must look like in real life!


I remember seeing them in the movie ''Fantasia'' and other cartoons.


i want to see the northan lights cause i've seen it in moviesand i really want to see it


Ever since I was little and I saw pictures of the northern lights, I have wanted to lie beneath them. The colours are amazing, and experiencing something so natural and so beautiful would be a dream come true.


inspirational photography, great experience


Seeing them on television and knowing people who have seen them.


See the Northern Lights in person.


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