Before I die I want to...
Save A Life

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374 buckaroos have listed 'Save A Life' as one of their life goals:

I would love to know that I meant something special in this world


Last year I saved a stranger's life from a kidnapper and would like to help as many people as I can.


I love helping people, therefore I want to go to the extreme and save someone's life and let it have a positive impact on that person


To do something important and make a difference.


If someone is in trouble there is NO reason to not at least try help them. You would hope they would do the same for you.


I would love to save someone and get to meet them afterward but even if not able to meet them, I would be satisfied just knowing that someone still had more of their journey left because of me.


Save someone's life-- physically or emotionally or spiritually. :)


I don't have to take a bullet. Just save someone from death by their own hand or someone else's.


I want to experience that feeling, of knowing you did something that prevented neither soul from dying.


I have saw a lot of helpless patient being neighbour of me when I am hospitalize while young. Every morning, I woke up to an empty bed next to me which will quick fill up by another helpless souls. I don't understand why their get to leave the hospital sooner than me till I know when they gone to. I guess everyone have a relatives and friends that hate to see them gone. I hope that I can to save as many heart break as possible, but it got to start with one first!


Shouldn't that be on everyone's bucket list?


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